31 October 2022

VLCC survives double drone attack unscathed

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi militias have issued a warning to tankers loading at Yemeni oil terminals firing two armed […]
31 October 2022

Amid Chinese Threats, Japan Starts Operating SeaGuardian Drones For Maritime Patrolling

The Japanese Coast Guard, which also performs border guard service functions, has started operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to patrol waters near the country, Japanese […]
31 October 2022

Suicide “Drone Boats” Attack Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet

ARX Mouldings is following reports that Ukrainian forces are believed to be responsible for a successful “suicide boat” strike on at least one Russian Navy […]
31 October 2022

Royal Navy ship torches smugglers’ boat carrying £24m of cocaine in Caribbean

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that Royal Navy ship has stopped and torched a boat caught smuggling £24m of cocaine in the Caribbean. HMS Medway […]
18 October 2022

2 Bulk Carriers Boarded west of Singapore Straits

The first bulk carrier was boarded by 3 perpetrators while underway (01°09.30N, 103° 27.40E) along Philip Channel on 16 Oct at 2230 (UTC +8).   […]
11 October 2022

Nigeria is pushing the boundaries of its capability and looks to solve human trafficking

The Nigerian Government has reiterated its commitment to increase efforts and collaboration with partners including the European Union to eradicate human trafficking in the country. […]
11 October 2022

India goes against Pakistan and files formal complaint of shooting

ARX Mouldings has read reports that India has registered a complaint against Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) for allegedly abducting and firing on Indian fishermen […]
11 October 2022

US MARAD updates its security warning for the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Western Indian Ocean region

ARX Mouldings is sharing Gards latest report that while the Indian Ocean piracy ‘High Risk Area’ will be removed on 1 January 2023, regional conflicts, […]
11 October 2022

Feeling the heat, Norway steps up Offshore Security response.

ARX Mouldings is reading reports that With the help of its NATO allies, the government of Norway is stepping up the security presence around the […]
11 October 2022

VIDEO: Crimean Bridge explosion, collapse. Warning to shipping.

ARX Mouldings is following reports that Crimean Bridge across Kerch Strait suffered explosion and fire early in the morning Oct 8, two spans of motorway […]
11 October 2022

British warship in £15m drugs bust in Middle East

Type 23 Frigate HMS Montrose delivered her fifth blow to drug runners in the Middle East this year, say the Royal Navy. Her team of […]
3 October 2022

UK to invest into subsea Maritime security protection

Britain will acquire two specialist ships to protect underwater infrastructure such as cables and pipelines, defense minister Ben Wallace said on Sunday, following leaks in […]
20 September 2022

Piracy: EU extends naval presence in Gulf of Guinea to February 2024

The European Union (EU) has extended its naval presence in the Gulf of Guinea under the auspices of the Commercial Maritime Presence (CMP) until February […]
20 September 2022

INS Tarkash Mission Deployed in Gulf of Guinea

Reinforcing the Indian Navy commitment to maritime security, INS Tarkash is currently mission-deployed in the Gulf of Guinea for Anti-piracy operations. As part of deployment, […]
20 September 2022

Navy taking on gangs in Colombia’s biggest port

Colombia’s Navy put on a show of force at the weekend in a town whose population is at the mercy of two warring gangs. The […]
20 September 2022

Pirates continue to operate with complete impunity in Mexico

A recent spike in thefts from shallow-water oil platforms and support vessels in the heart of Mexico’s offshore oil and gas industry has worsened delays […]
20 September 2022

Piracy risk ‘severe’ as German multipurpose ship raided by armed men off Guinea

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that Maritime security companies warn the threat persists in West Africa, despite fall in incidents. Shipowners have been warned […]
20 September 2022

German freighter attacked and looted

Maritime security company Ambrey reported piracy attack at Conakry Anchorage, Guinea, which occurred early in the morning Sep 14. Three pirates armed with firearms boarded […]
15 September 2022

Vessel boarded near Conakry with AK47s but crew safe

ADVISORY NOTICE 001/SEP/2022 1.   Category: Robbery 2.  Time: 14 Sep 22  at 0005 UTC 3.  Description: MDAT GOG has received a report that MV was boarded and robbed by […]
12 September 2022

Romanian Navy vessel damaged by Mine in the Black Sea

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that a Romanian Navy vessel suffered blast damage to its hull after it struck a mine in the Black […]
8 September 2022

Russian vessel transiting through the North Sea and English Channel is being watched 👀

NATO ships are a part of a larger Allied military presence in the Atlantic and North Sea continually supporting maritime situational awareness activities. As part […]
7 September 2022

11 armed Pirates board tug and barge in Singapore

A tug and barge was boarded by at least 11 perpetrators while underway (1°12’41.4″N 103°32’37.2″E) along Westbound lane of Traffic Separation Scheme in Singapore Strait […]
7 September 2022

Pirates Kill 5 Boat Passengers In Rivers

ARX Mouldings is following reports that No fewer than five passengers were killed along the waterways by suspected Sea pirates on Friday morning while traveling […]
29 August 2022

The Challenge of Oil Theft and Maritime Insecurity in Nigeria

‘Security, Defence, and Development in Nigeria’ was the initial title of the lecture delivered by Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, General Leo Irabor, on Thursday, […]
29 August 2022

Shippers unlikely to see lower insurance premiums despite lesser Indian Ocean piracy risk

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that say Shipowners and charterers carrying commodities in the Indian Ocean are unlikely to see lower insurance premiums in […]
29 August 2022

False piracy attacks causing bigger issues for MT Heroic Idun

ARX Mouldings is following reports that contrary to claims, the Nigerian Navy has said the vessel, Motor Tanker (MT) Heroic Idun, resisted arrest by NNS […]
29 August 2022

What Are The Challenges And Why Securing The Seas Is Priority for India

ARX Mouldings has been following reports thats Indian Navy Vice Admiral SN Ghormade recently announced that India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, will be […]
29 August 2022

A weekend of attacks in Singapore

A bulk carrier was boarded by three perpetrators while underway (1°07’54.0″N 103°30’30.0″E), transiting along Phillip Channel on 29 Aug at 0402 (UTC +8).   All […]
23 August 2022

Ghana launches maritime security plans

Ghana has an abundance of marine resources. They include fisheries, hydrocarbon reserves, inland waterways and ports that are located along important international shipping lanes. These […]
23 August 2022

Indian Ocean High Risk Area reduced puts pressure on real BMP 5 measures

After more than a decade of effective threat-reducing counter-piracy operations the shipping industry has removed the ‘Indian Ocean High Risk Area’ (HRA). Notification of the […]
15 August 2022

USNS Trenton arrives in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea for Maritime Security Exercise

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea – The Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport USNS Trenton (T-EPF-5) arrived in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea for a scheduled port visit, August 8-10, 2022. […]
15 August 2022

Piracy and the Pandemic: Maritime Crime in Southeast Asia

BY IAN STOREY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 there were concerns that maritime crime in Southeast Asia would […]
15 August 2022

Nigeria Joint Forces declare they are better equipment to tackle insecurity together

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that as part of its contribution to address insecurity in Nigeria, the Nigerian Merchant Navy, during the weekend, sought […]
15 August 2022

Whilst Brazil has their own problems they head to the GoG to conduct maritime security exercises

The Brazilian Navy (MB) is spearheading Operation Guinex-II in the Gulf of Guinea, Africa, June 18-August 20, with exercises at sea and ports to increase […]
2 August 2022

What will be the future of the Indian Ocean?

ARX Mouldings is following reports that Indian Ocean security is an enduring maritime issue. Tensions on the high seas also include focusing on the Indian […]
2 August 2022

Pirates and Fisherman continue fighting in Nigeria

Travelling or doing business on the waterways in the country, especially the Niger Delta region, has become a nightmare on account of the menace of […]
2 August 2022

Why Snake Island has become the Maritime Security hotspot

Snake Island, or Serpents Island (Ostriv Zmiinyi in Ukrainian; Insula Serpilor in Romanian) is an islet off Ukraine’s southwestern coast and near the Danube Delta […]
1 August 2022

3 vessels boarded in 24hrs in Singapore Straits, vessels on high alert for more attacks.

On the 31st of July A tug-towing Barge was boarded by six perpetrators while underway (1°16’51.0″N 104°08’4.8″E) along the Westbound Lane of Traffic Separation Scheme, […]
28 July 2022

NIMASA inaugurates team to draft Nigeria’s maritime security strategy 

The Director-General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dr. Bashir Jamoh, has inaugurated the Expert Level Planning Team (ELPT) of the agency to draft […]
28 July 2022

Asphalt Princess tanker hijacked in the Arabian Sea

Oman provided first official confirmation on Wednesday that the Asphalt Princess tanker was involved in a hijacking in the Arabian Sea after Britain’s maritime trade […]
25 July 2022

Nigeria continues to focus on removing piracy in the GoG

The Government of Nigeria and a coalition of global shipping stakeholders have launched a new strategy to end piracy, armed robbery, and kidnapping in the […]
25 July 2022

Interpol launched Port Security Program in West Africa

A European Union (EU) funded Interpol port security project (PSP) to enhance capabilities of law enforcement agencies and port authorities to prevent, detect, investigate and […]
25 July 2022

Gulf of Guinea have been reinforced with the utilization of the YARIS

The YARIS platform, an information sharing tool or system for Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies in the Gulf of Guinea region, was developed in partnership with […]
25 July 2022

Late Reporting of Boarded Bulk Carrier in Singapore Strait

Six perpetrators reportedly boarded a bulk carrier while underway (1°08’45.0″N 103°29’0.2″E) along the Eastbound Lane of Traffic Separation Scheme, Phillip Channel, Singapore Strait on 23 […]
19 July 2022

Armed Pirates Rob another PEMEX Offshore Platform in Bay of Campeche

ARX MOuldings has been following reports where Armed pirates struck another platform operated by Pemex last week, forcing the crew to help them cart off […]
12 July 2022

96% of boardings are successful however Global piracy is down from IMB report

Global piracy and armed robbery incidents at lowest level in decades The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) received the lowest number of reported incidents for […]
11 July 2022

Royal Navy’s seizure of smuggled Iranian missiles in the Gulf of Aden revealed

ARX mouldings is following reports that the Royal Navy warship HMS Montrose earlier this year seized dozens of packages containing advanced weaponry, including surface-to-air-missiles and […]
11 July 2022

Niger Delta activist warns against fresh oil war

ARX Mouldings are following reports that the human rights activist and legal practitioner, Comrade Cleric Alaowei, has warned the Federal Government and the National Assembly […]
11 July 2022

800 Pirates escape prison and plan relaunch

ARX Mouldings have been following multiple news channels and following Initial reports said that 1365 prisoners escaped following an attack from the Boko Haram terrorists, […]
7 July 2022

Late Reporting of Boarded Bulker in Sinapore

Six perpetrators reportedly boarded a bulk carrier while underway (1°17’03.6″N 104°19’39.6″E) along the Eastbound Lane of Traffic Separation Scheme, Singapore Strait on 4 Jul 22 […]
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