22 January 2021

Bonny Locals Fight back and protest incessant attacks on waterways

Ships&Ports Report Residents of Bonny, the host community of the multi-billion dollars Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG), on Monday staged peaceful protest over incessant attacks […]
22 January 2021

MSC Suspicious Approach – 65nm SW Bonny

MDAT GoG report and Dryad Reports indicates that an MV reported a suspicious approach. Small craft came to within 0.3nm, then reduced speed and withdrew […]
18 January 2021

Search Underway for Crew of Abandoned Fishing Vessel Off Midway Island

gCaptian Reports A search involving U.S. Coast Guard, Navy and good samaritan vessels is continuing for 10 missing crew members of from an abandoned Taiwanese […]
14 January 2021

Suspicious Approach – 34nm NW Point A IRTC

Dryad Reporting Indicates that two suspicious approach incidents have occurred within a 24hr period approximately 34nm NW of Pointe A IRTC. Both vessels were transiting […]
14 January 2021

Gulf of Guinea records highest ever number of crew kidnapped in 2020, according to IMB’s annual piracy report

The International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau (IMB)’s annual piracy report recorded an increase of piracy and armed robbery incidents in 2020. In 2020, […]
14 January 2021

BW LNG Sokoto – Suspicious Approach – ARX Hardened Vessel

Report taken from Social Media and Reported by EOS Risk The initial report concering a single skiff suspicious against a LNG tanker Sokoto 145NM SW […]
14 January 2021

Suspicious Approach – 150nm SW Bonny

Dryad Reporting indicates that MV MAERSK CARDIFF has been approached by a small vessel. The crew have mustered in the citadel. The vessel left and […]
13 January 2021

All 22 crew rescued as bulk carrier sinks in the Philippine Sea

Splash24/7 Reports A Taiwanese fishing vessel rescued all 22 crew from a Panama-flagged bulk carrier which sank this morning in the Philippine Sea. The Yong Feng was […]
12 January 2021

Four kidnapped crew members from Diamond S Shipping Agisilaos freed

Offshore Energy Report The four crew members who had been kidnapped from the product tanker Agisilaos in November last year have been released, Diamond S […]
12 January 2021

No prosecution of men captured by SBS, after oil tanker ‘hijacking’ in UK Channel

The Express Report The decision to halt the case was taken by the Crown Prosecution Service after ‘additional maritime expert evidence’ came to light. The […]
12 January 2021

Iran’s strategy of state piracy menaces Middle East oil lanes

Iran’s IRGC naval units and their Houthi proxies thumb their nose at the world by seizing oil tankers plying the Gulf The South Korean-flagged Hankuk […]
11 January 2021

U.S. Update guidance on Gulf of Guinea following increase significant threats

Piracy/Armed Robbery/Kidnapping for Ransom (KFR) continues to serve as a significant threat to U.S. flagged operators with vessels transiting or operating in the Gulf of […]
11 January 2021

Pirates attack passenger boats and kill two in Bonny River

PUNCH Reports Two people were feared dead, while three others are missing after suspected pirates attacked two passenger boats along the coastal waters of Aru-Gbanaama […]
7 January 2021

UK MDAT GOG Bi annual Report – Download

Please find attached the latest MDAT-GoG Biannual Report 02-2020. You can also download MDAT Reports Productions such as Weekly, Monthly and Biannual from our website.You can also […]
6 January 2021

Global strategies needed to eradicate maritime piracy

PUNCH Reports A recent report has refocused attention on the debilitating effects of piracy on Nigeria’s coastal waters and the economy and the need for […]
6 January 2021

Nigerian Militant groups back out of peace talk and Issue ‘stay away’ order to foreign oil vessels!

The coalition said: “Major vessels and ships are advised to withdraw their services to Warri ESCRAVOS waters, to Bonny NLNG Port Harcourt waters from the […]
5 January 2021

Slavery is happening in the world’s fishing fleet…

Maritime Fair trade reports that vessels known to have crew that are subject to forced labor behave in systematically different ways to the rest of […]
5 January 2021

Did A Comms Blackout Lead Mauritius Oil Spill Ship To Search For Emergency Phone Signal?

Forbes Reports new analysis by U.K.-based geospatial intelligence company, Geollect, is revealing more about the circumstances surrounding the grounding and oil spill by the large Japanese […]
5 January 2021

Authorities will release the detained vessels and their crew members without charge of bribery

The crew of a Chinese vessel who have been detained in Palau since 12 December will be released without charge, Palau’s attorney general said on […]
5 January 2021

South Korea calls for release of tanker seized by Iran

BBC Reports The MT Hankuk Chemi was seized by Iranian forces near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, and its crew of 20 detained. Iran said […]
4 January 2021

Seafarers Must Adapt to the Rapid Evolution of Piracy

Maritime Executive reports In two recent articles, Sea Piracy in 2025: Piracy 2.0? and Countering Gulf of Guinea Piracy Towards 2025 I tried to map out the possible evolution […]
4 January 2021

Limpet Mine Defused on Dynacom suezmax – Offshore Al Faw

Splash247 reports that Bomb defusal experts successfully removed an explosive device stuck to the hull of a tanker near the Iraqi port of Al-Faw on […]
4 January 2021

Chemical Tanker HANKUK CHEMI Detained – Strait Of Hormuz

Dryad Reporting indicates that the South Korean flagged Chemical Tanker HANKUK CHEMI (IMO9232369) has diverted from her course northwards while inbound to Fujairah from Al […]
21 December 2020

Maersk Warns of Africa Piracy Risk After Cargo Ship Attacked

Bloomberg Reports A container ship owned by A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S was attacked off the West African coast, prompting the company to warn of a rising risk from […]
21 December 2020

Coast Guard Cutter James returns to Charleston after intercepting $365M in drugs

LIVE5 Reports The Coast Guard Cutter James and crew returned to Charleston Friday after spending 52 days working to disrupt drug trafficking in the Eastern […]
21 December 2020

Stable Seas Reports on the growing Insecurity in Mozambique

Stable Seas has received requests from a variety of maritime stakeholders seeking a high-level brief of the escalating insecurity in northern Mozambique that is being […]
21 December 2020

US slams China for no-show at meeting on global maritime security

MSN Reports The US military has slammed China for failing to appear at virtual, senior-level meetings slated for this week, with the top US admiral […]
21 December 2020

Potential Kidnap on Port Gdynia – 95nm S Brass

Dryad Reports indicate that when sailing from Lome to Bata, the Maltese flagged, containership PORT GDYNIA (9526459) was approached and boarded by an unknown number […]
21 December 2020

Maersk Cadiz Boarded – 118nm SW Bonny Island

Dryad Reports indicate that when sailing from Tema to Kribi, the Singapore flagged, containership MAERSK CADIZ (9526459) was approached by an unknown number of attackers. […]
16 December 2020

8 Crew Kidnapped from the Naviborn MV Stevia – 28nm SW Brass

Dryad Reports indicates that a vessel has been boarded by an unknown number of attackers 28nm SW Brass resulting in the kidnap of 8 crew. […]
16 December 2020

BW Hafnia’s LR tanker BW Rhine hit by Explosive-laden boat cited in Jeddah attack

Splash 247 Reports that Saudi Arabia said an explosive-laden boat was used in yesterday’s attack on Hafnia’s LR tanker BW Rhine at a Saudi Aramco facility in Jeddah. BW […]
15 December 2020

CAP SAINT GEORGES 5 crew Kidnapped – 48nm W Bayelsa

Dryad Reporting indicates that MV CAP SAINT GEORGES (IMO 7312529) was boarded by an unknown number of persons and 5 crew members have been kidnapped […]
15 December 2020

New Ranger Boarded – 160nm SW Brass

Dryad Reporting indicates that MT NEW RANGER (IMO 9328326) has been boarded underway 160nm SW of Brass, Nigeria.  The incident is has concluded, with vessel and crew reported […]
14 December 2020

Saudi-led coalition in Yemen intercepts two explosive-laden boats south of the Red Sea.

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen said on Wednesday it intercepted and destroyed two explosive-laden boats south of the Red Sea, Saudi state TV reported. […]
14 December 2020

Battered ONE Apus moors at Kobe

Splash247 reports that the battered ONE Apus moored at the port of Kobe today. The full scale of the box spill that occurred eight days ago came into view […]
14 December 2020

UKMTO Report Explosion – Port Jeddah Closed

UKMTO has been informed that the Port of Jeddah is closed.  Reporting indicates that there may have been a second vessel involved, investigation is ongoing.  […]
7 December 2020

Live Tracking of Seafarer Abandonment

A map of the ILO’s seafarer abandonment database, with additional information on companies taken from the IMO Web Accounts database. Last updated: 12/11/2020 This map […]
7 December 2020

Lebanese maritime security – Navigating rough seas

The MEI Reports that Lebanon has a coastline of 120 nautical miles (NM) along the eastern Mediterranean and an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) that encompasses […]
7 December 2020

Maritime security in the world view – Posters

In June 2020, CRIMSON produced three posters that illustrate the main EU and non-EU maritime-security related actions in the three regions of interest of the […]
7 December 2020

Italy to continue partnership with Nigeria on maritime security

The Nation reports that the Italian government has reiterated its commitment to collaborate with Nigeria on  improved maritime This pledge was made by the Deputy […]
7 December 2020

Nigeria Maritime Security Index Increases

StableSea Reports that Nigeria is an economic powerhouse on the African continent, but is plagued by security concerns—both physical and economic—which impact a considerable proportion […]
7 December 2020

Americas Approach To Oil Infrastructure Security

Forbes Reports In mid-October, the U.S. embassy in Trinidad and Tobago became so concerned about a potential environmental catastrophe posed by a listing Venezuelan oil […]
7 December 2020

The Standard Club report on Increased piracy and kidnap threat in the Gulf of Guinea

​High risk area The Standard club continues to closely monitor maritime security threats, especially in the hotspot region of the Gulf of Guinea given the […]
7 December 2020

Warning Suspicious Activity – SE of Aden

7 December 2020

Geogas Verranzane Approached – 210nm South Of Lagos

Dryad Reports indicate that the French flagged MT VERRAZANE (IMO 9649146) was approached approximately 210nm South of Lagos. The alarm was raised and the accompanying security escort […]
7 December 2020

Protank New Ranger BOARDED – 50nm SE Agbami

DRYAD Reports indicate that MT NEW RANGER (IMO 9328326)has been boarded 50nm SE of Agbami Terminal and 50nm SW of Egina Terminal. The crew are reportedly […]
4 December 2020

MINERVA MARINE MV EVROPI Attacked – 200nm South West Of Bayelsa State

Dryad Reporting indicates that the M/T MINERVA EVOPRI was approached by 1 white speed boat. It is understood that shots were fired. The MT conducted […]
3 December 2020

Baltmed Cool Girl Attacked – 150nm of Port Harcourt

DRYAD Reports indicate that the M/V COOL GIRL has been attacked by 2 speed boats. Master carried out evasive manoeuvres, AST responded, and the speedboats subsequently […]
2 December 2020

Four kidnapped from Diamond S Shipping product tanker

Splash24/7 reports that Diamond S Shipping has confirmed that four crew have been kidnapped from its product tanker Agisilaos. The vessel, managed and crewed by Capital […]
1 December 2020

Delta Militants make fresh demands and threaten attacks on oil facilities

PUNCH Reports that A new coalition of 36 militant groups under the aegis of Continuous Emancipation of Niger Delta, which recently attacked gas and crude […]
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