4 May 2023

EU calls on Nigeria to tighten security at seaports

ARX Mouldings is following reports that the European Union (EU) has advised Nigeria to tighten security architecture at the seaports to help reduce its vulnerabilities […]
4 May 2023

Tit for Tat US Confiscates Iran Oil Cargo on Tanker

ARX Mouldings is following reports that the US confiscated Iranian oil on a tanker at sea in recent days in a sanctions enforcement operation, three […]
4 May 2023

Seized tanker remains in Iranian waters 

ARX Mouldings is following reports that the Advantage Sweet, a suezmax with 24 Indian crew operated by Turkey’s Advantage Tankers, remains at an Iranian anchorage, having […]
17 April 2023

Red Sea Tension as Israel must get ready for war with Iran

ARX Mouldings is following reports that Israel “must prepare for war” as Tehran moves ever closer towards nuclear weapons capability, the former head of Israel’s National […]
17 April 2023

MARAD Approves First Ships for Its Tanker Security Program

ARX Mouldings is following reports that the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) has approved the first vessels for participation in its Tanker Security Program (TSP), a […]
17 April 2023

Missing tanker Success 9 located near Ivory Coast

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that a Singapore-registered tanker which has been uncontactable since it was boarded by “unidentified persons” earlier this week has been found […]
12 April 2023

Success 9 vessel attacked and boarded 310nm south of Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

ARX Mouldings is following reports that a Singaporean-flagged chemical/products tanker was reportedly boarded in international waters 310nm south of Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. Security consultant Ambrey […]
7 April 2023

War in Yemen and risks to shipping

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that despite the removal of the Indian Ocean high-risk piracy area at the beginning of 2023, security in the […]
30 March 2023

Pirates hijack oil tanker, capture 16 crewmembers in Gulf of Guinea

A Danish tanker flying the Liberian flag was attacked by pirates off Congo-Brazzaville in the Gulf of Guinea and contact was lost for three days […]
28 March 2023

Possible Hijacking of the Monjasa Reformer – Pointe-Noire

ARX Mouldings is following reports that state over 24 hours ago  A vessel in position: 052935S 0093400E (approximately 140NM West of Pointe Noire) has reported […]
8 March 2023

Deadly Black Sea cargo ship sinking with huge oil spill

ARX Mouldings has been following reports from authorities in Russia have reported an oil spill resulting from a cargo vessel sinking that left one person dead off […]
8 March 2023

Iran’s drone carriers, understanding their capability.

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that between late December and early January, reports surfaced that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) is converting two merchant […]
3 March 2023

Royal Navy ship seizes weapons transiting in the Gulf of Oman

ARX Mouldings is following reports that Royal Navy ship HMS Lancaster seized weapons from a vessel travelling south from Iran whilst on a routine maritime […]
3 March 2023

Second Skiff Sighting in Gulf of Aden Prompts Security Alerts

ARX Mouldings has sen reports that a second skiff sighting in a Gulf of Aden transit corridor in less than two weeks is prompting maritime […]
22 February 2023

UAE, Israel unveil joint naval vessel as military ties grow

ARX Mouldings is following reports that the United Arab Emirates and Israel on Monday revealed their first jointly created unmanned vessel, illustrating their growing military […]
22 February 2023

Piracy War: Sustaining the 2022 Winning Streak

ARX Mouldings is following reports that as memories of the Nigerian Navy’s recent hosting of Exercise Obangame Express 2023 linger, Festus Akanbi writes that the success of […]
22 February 2023

An Ocean Of Weapons: Arms Smuggling To Somalia

ARX Mouldings is following reports that On 6 January, United States (US) command forces intercepted a dhow in international waters between Iran to Yemen carrying over 2 […]
22 February 2023

South Africa hosts joint maritime exercises involving China and Russia

ARX Mouldings is following reports that a joint maritime military exercise is underway in South Africa involving China and Russia along with the South African navy. The multilateral naval drills, named […]
22 February 2023

Philippines urges China to prevent any ‘provocative act’ after complaint over laser

ARX Mouldings is following reports that China should restrain its forces to prevent them committing any “provocative act”, the Philippine military said on Monday, after […]
22 February 2023

The Evolving Iranian-Houthi Relationship Spells Trouble for Ending the Yemen Conflict

ARX Mouldings is following reports that On January 6, the United States intercepted 2,000 assault weapons on their way from Iran to Yemen. Nine days later, a […]
22 February 2023

Israeli-owned vessel attacked in Arabian sea on Feb. 10 -regional security source

ARX Mouldings is following reports that least two Israeli-owned vessel was attacked in the Arabian sea on Feb. 10, a regional defence source said on […]
22 February 2023

False alarm: attack alert off Somalia was military live-fire exercise

ARX Mouldings is following news reports that Maritime security group Diaplous had reported possible piracy incident Shipowners can breathe more easily after a reported pirate […]
31 January 2023

SE Asia still in focus as 2 Bulk carriers boarded

A bulk carrier was boarded by five perpetrators while underway (1°04’20.4″N 103°35’12.6″E) when transiting Eastbound Lane of TSS, in Phillip Channel on 20 Jan 23 […]
24 January 2023

IMB Piracy Report – Caution or Opportunity in 2023?

London and Kuala Lumpur, 12 January 2023 – The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) calls for efforts to be sustained worldwide as maritime piracy and […]
24 January 2023

Exercise Obangame Express kicks off in Nigeria

ARX Mouldings has been reading sources that the Obangame Express (OE23), the largest multinational maritime exercise in Western and Central Africa, kicked off its 12th […]
16 January 2023

Spain to support Nigeria and re-strategise an tackle maritime security

ARX Mouldings is following reports that Nigeria and the Kingdom of Spain have strengthened the bilateral relations between both nations to tackle the menace of […]
12 January 2023

The Sea is Deep, Dark and Dangerous

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that the year 2022 has been significant for India as it celebrated 75 years of its independence from centuries […]
12 January 2023

Illegal smuggling narcotics on the High Seas

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that Pakistan is situated at the cusp of an important geographical area which is famous on many accounts. Besides […]
12 January 2023

Global Maritime threats remain high, but global acts of piracy fall to 14-year low

lobal piracy rates have reportedly dropped to their lowest level since statistics first began in 2008, figures from the Maritime Information Cooperation and Awareness Centre […]
4 January 2023

Tompolos Security Company Intercepts More Vessels With Stolen Crude Oil

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that through two separate operations, Tantita Security Services which is the private security contractor engaged by the Nigerian National […]
3 January 2023

Cameroon Adopts Maritime Security Law to Fight Gulf of Guinea Piracy

ARX Mouldings is follow reports that Almost six months after the UN Security Council adopted a text compelling Gulf of Guinea countries to criminalize piracy and […]
3 January 2023

Pirates board two offshore ships in Bay of Campeche

ARX Mouldings is following reports that Armed pirates boarded two offshore vessels in two days on the 28th and 29th of December, on Mexico’s Bay […]
3 January 2023

Anti-Maritime Piracy Bill 2022: A Game-Changer For Shipping Industry Security?

ARX Mouldings is following reports that The Rajya Sabha (upper house of the Indian parliament) passed the Anti-Maritime Piracy Bill, which aims to provide an […]
20 December 2022

India passes Anti-Piracy Bill to promote maritime security

Lok Sabha passed the Anti-maritime Piracy Bill, 2019 that seeks to provide an effective legal instrument to combat piracy not only in territorial waters and […]
20 December 2022

Pakistan Navy focused on safeguarding maritime security

It is a matter of immense pleasure that National Institute of Maritime Affairs, is organizing 3rd International Maritime Symposium 2022 on the “Geo-Economic Dimensions of […]
19 December 2022

Cocaine Shipment Worth Over EUR 150 Million Seized off Sierra Leone Coast

On November 30, a Brazilian vessel carrying over 4.6 tonnes of cocaine was intercepted by the French Navy as a result of intelligence activities underway […]
13 December 2022

Passenger Vessel Boarded and Hijacked in Equatorial Guinea

Motor vessel reported as Hijacked since 1007UTC, current position is 024818N 0084124E (163°/LUBA/44 Nm). Investigations ongoing. Incident is now complete.
12 December 2022

US Flagged Yacht fired at in Gulf of Aden

ARX Mouldings is following reports that a US flagged Yacht was fired at by two skiffs. There was a armed team onboard that returned fire. […]
12 December 2022

Greek LNG Vessel fired at in Equatorial Guinea

MDAT GOG has received a report of an MT in position 022524N 0082430E has been fired upon approximately 103 nm west of BATA Equatorial Guinea. […]
30 November 2022

UN Secretary-General reports on the Situation of piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Gulf of Guinea

The present report is submitted pursuant to paragraph 16 of Security Council resolution 2634 (2022), in which the Council requested the Secretary-General to report, within five […]
30 November 2022

Stealing oil over kidnapping seafarers becomes focus for Pirates

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that the Gulf of Guinea is witnessing a shift in the dynamics of piracy, with criminal networks moving away […]
30 November 2022

100 unmanned vessels to be deployed in Gulf region’s strategic waters to help prevent Drone attacks

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that the US-led task force will deploy over 100 unmanned vessels in the Gulf region’s strategic waters by next […]
30 November 2022

Nigerian Pirate Guilty of Causing Danger to Danish Soldiers

ARX Mouldings has been following reports that The Copenhagen City Court has found a Nigerian man guilty of causing danger a year ago to Danish […]
18 November 2022

Vessel Boarding Reported 50nm west of Shebro Island, Sierra Leone

MDAT-GOG have been made aware of a boarding occurring on the 15th November at 1930UTC in the vicinity of 074100N 0130615W approximately 50nm west of […]
17 November 2022

Eastern Pacific Tanker hit by drone in offshore Oman

ARX Mouldings is following sources that the Product tanker PACIFIC ZIRCON in load was hit by a bomb carried by drone in Arabian sea at night Nov […]
15 November 2022

EU’s Operation IRINI seizes “illegal” shipment of armored vehicles bound for Libya

The European Union Naval Operation IRINI announced that it inspected a Dutch-flagged merchant ship bound for Libya and the “illegal cargo” it was carrying onboard. IRINI said in […]
15 November 2022

Renewed Strategy to Counter Piracy in Africa’s Maritime Domain 

The 17th Africa Security Watch Awards, Conference and Exhibition, which recently held in The Gambia, reinforced the Nigerian Navy’s efforts in countering piracy and mitigating threats […]
15 November 2022

Ghana Navy joins Maritime Traffic Centre and Trans-regional Maritime Network

The Ghana Navy has been admitted into the Virtual Maritime Traffic Centre and Transregional Maritime Network (VMTC & TMN) in a boost to the fight […]
15 November 2022

UN experts say violations by security companies highlight urgent need for maritime security oversight

A growing reliance on private contractors to protect vessels, commercial shipping, offshore platforms, ports, and other maritime infrastructure has exposed human rights violations perpetrated by […]
7 November 2022

Another Tug and Barge boarded in Singapore Strait, pushing an all time high in risk for vessels.

A tug and barge was boarded by two perpetrators while underway (1°11’21.0″N 103°52’12.6″E) along Eastbound lane of Traffic Separation Scheme in Singapore Strait on 03 […]
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